Functionality, Ergonomics, Versatility

The work to be done in the kitchen determines its design since each task requires a specific solution. The kitchens designed by Montdale are thought to make the task of cooking more comfortable, faster, cleaner and more satisfying.

Why choose Montdale

Free Quotations

All requests for quotation are free‑of‑charge and if required can be presented both in Portuguese and English.


The experience gained over 18 years and an expert team, allows us a great ability to solve problems.

Travel and visits

If required, our team can visit your home and take the necessary measurements of your kitchen.

Flexible schedules

We are flexible in our schedules, thus enabling visit requests and assemblies outside the normal office hours.

Quality and Innovation

We not only work with quality materials and equipment, but also from the latest generation.

Additional Services

In addition to our base services, we can also provide services of masonry, plumbing, electrical and carpentry.



We work with the best brands in the market.

Feel free to get in touch for more information or quotation request